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In the present competitive landscape, cost considerations are paramount at every juncture. Bringing full-time employees onto your company's payroll can prove to be a costly endeavor, compounded by the expenses incurred in training these personnel in the latest technologies. TechHansa offers a comprehensive range of outsourcing and staffing services, available on both a temporary and temp-to-hire basis, to address your IT workforce needs. Our workforce is presently entrusted with mission-critical functions across various customer locations.

TechHansa’s strength lies in its highly skilled, seasoned, and certified pool of resources, supported by a time-tested delivery mechanism. We have garnered a contented clientele due to our meticulous hiring procedure, which includes multiple interviews, rigorous written tests, and thorough background and reference checks. Moreover, our cutting-edge training facility and hands-on experience through internal projects empower us to provide clients with the most proficient and deployable resources.

To ensure smooth service administration for onsite engineers, we employ a formal and comprehensive mechanism. Assignment managers are assigned to oversee service delivery, address client and employee concerns, and tend to any other matters requiring attention.

Our Training Competency Center dedicates a substantial amount of time to selecting, recruiting, training, and enhancing the technical skills of our resources, enabling them to excel in the highly competitive IT Infrastructure domain. We boast dedicated training infrastructure, including two training labs, servers running different operating systems, various SAN environments, and diverse backup systems, offering comprehensive training opportunities to our employees.

Our offerings encompass:

  1. Staffing: We offer pre-selection services, wherein we shortlist candidates based on your job descriptions, streamlining the selection process and alleviating the burden on your technical and HR teams.

  2. TechHansa HTD: This value-added offering is designed to minimize attrition rates and curtail manpower costs effectively.

  3. TechHansa BOOT: Tailored for companies establishing operations in India, this offering provides an entire IT support team during the launch phase. This team operates from your premises but is managed by us. When the need arises for a transition, we seamlessly hand over the fully operational staff to you, ensuring minimal challenges during the transfer process.