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Endpoint Security

Endpoints typically represent the most vulnerable aspect of a corporate network. Often, the means of breaching these endpoints involve publicly known vulnerabilities that end-users have failed to address proactively. Our services revolve around the continuous monitoring of endpoint vulnerabilities. In the event of targeted attacks on specific types of systems, we swiftly quarantine the affected systems, effectively limiting the malware's ability to propagate.

Our End Point Management services cover:

Mobile Device Management

Until a few years ago, Mobile Device Management and desktop management were distinct entities. However, with the introduction of Windows 10 and recent versions of iOS, the operating systems on mobile devices, laptops, and tablets have converged, streamlining device management.

This convergence, while beneficial, also introduces complexity into the environment, particularly when accommodating both BYOD and company-owned devices. To navigate this landscape, our mobility services offer secure access to mobile devices, management of the enterprise app store, device quarantine, remote wiping, and data backup.

Closed Loop Security

Typically, individuals tend to consider endpoint security, network security, and SIEM as separate entities. However, our Closed Loop Security services adopt a comprehensive perspective when assessing the organization’s security posture.

We firmly believe that endpoints represent the most vulnerable aspect of an organization’s security posture, necessitating continuous monitoring. Furthermore, while your SIEM solution diligently tracks numerous security incidents and events, we focus on correlating, analyzing, and applying analytics to the various tools at your disposal. This approach enables us to identify and mitigate risks more effectively by harnessing the collective insights of these tools.