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TechHansa's DevOps services play a pivotal role in closing organizational gaps by orchestrating the seamless integration and automation of essential processes such as build, test, deployment, and remediation. This approach leads to accelerated release cycles and improved overall quality. Our diverse team of experts consists of top talent recruited from various IT domains, dedicated to helping you attain your automation goals. Our team encompasses a wide range of professionals, including DevOps Architects, Automation Specialists, Application Architects, Cloud Orchestrators, System and Database Administrators, Quality Assurance Analysts, Deployment Managers, Agile Evangelists, and more.

The concept of agility is highly enticing, as it necessitates a collaborative effort between development and operations teams within enterprises. This collaboration involves integrating their methodologies to enable the continuous deployment of software.


TechHansa provides established tools, workflows, environments, and expertise tailored to both large and small enterprises, enabling them to swiftly establish a DevOps environment for their specific needs. Our offerings empower enterprises to efficiently develop, build, test, and deploy software across diverse cloud environments, encompassing Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, as well as on-premise setups.

How we engage:

DevOps Consulting Services:

  • Tailoring DevOps strategies to your specific needs.
  • Assessing the current state of DevOps culture, processes, environments, and toolchains.
  • Quantifying the maturity model of your DevOps practices.
  • Creating a visual representation of the desired state and developing a roadmap.
  • Identifying measurable metrics to track progress.


DevOps Engineering Services:

  • Establishing a pilot framework to implement standard DevOps practices.
  • Leveraging your existing tools while seamlessly integrating them with our extensive ecosystem of open-source and licensed tools throughout the agile delivery process.


Managed DevOps Services:

  • Cultivating and enhancing skills, fostering a DevOps-oriented culture, optimizing processes, and managing tools.
  • Employing a continuous service delivery model.
  • Implementing a monthly operations fee structure.


DevOps Implementation Services:

  • Analyzing, designing, constructing, automating, and implementing solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each project.