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Application Management

Application Performance Management (APM) is of utmost importance in ensuring the success of a business. With enterprises employing a multitude of technologies such as SAP, JAVA, DotNet, and various platforms like Windows and Linux, alongside diverse databases and middleware, pinpointing the source of performance bottlenecks becomes a complex challenge.

Frequently, end users complain about slow-running applications, leaving us to grapple with the daunting task of identifying the root cause. These issues could stem from application configuration, OS settings, database configurations, or network setups. Without an integrated monitoring approach, blame-shifting between different service groups often occurs, and capacity enhancement decisions tend to be ad hoc. Our services offer a Unified Application Performance approach to address these challenges.

Unified Application Performance Management

Unified Application Performance Management presents a dashboard that provides real-time insights into your applications, featuring a drill-down capability to pinpoint bottlenecks, whether they reside in the network, OS, database, or application code itself.

In addition to the unified dashboard, our solution encompasses the following features:

  • Transaction Discovery: Identifying transactions critical to your business.
  • User Experience Monitoring: Monitoring the end-user experience for a comprehensive view.
  • Transaction Tracing: Tracking transactions across the entire application stack.
  • Diagnostic Features: In-depth diagnostics to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Our solution diligently monitors and manages systems, application servers, and database servers. It tracks their availability and performance and offers detailed reports through a user-friendly browser-based interface. This interface also provides expert advice on alerts and corrective actions.

IT operations and administrators can leverage our Application Performance Management solution to uphold high-performance standards and ensure system availability. By utilizing this integrated suite of tools, IT organizations can optimize service levels and effectively manage critical application resources throughout the enterprise. Our expertise extends to tools such as IBM Application Performance Management and App Dynamics.