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The Telecom industry is facing a deluge of challenges propelled by technology trends and escalating consumer expectations. The ever-evolving benchmarks of customer-centricity in the digital era have resulted in diminishing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), while the impact of process automation has necessitated a reevaluation of internal operations. With ongoing expansion in product and service innovation, Telecom organizations must embrace agile digital transformation strategies to thrive in this dynamic landscape.


The digital transformation has placed significant demands on Telecom operators to completely overhaul the customer experience.

Today’s consumers have unparalleled access to communication technology, making convenience and personalization their primary concerns.

TechHansa empowers you to harness the advancements in computer science to seamlessly connect network and customer data. Additionally, we help you leverage the capabilities of 5G and VoLTE to deliver experiences that exceed consumer expectations.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

The ever-evolving Telecom industry demands a continuous stream of innovation from Original Equipment Managers (OEMs).

In order to thrive in today’s digital landscape, having a dependable playbook to address the demands of rapid data-driven product lifecycle management is imperative for the survival of OEMs.

TechHansa has a proven track record as a development partner, guiding Telco OEMs to adopt Big Data analytics, AI, and machine learning to stay aligned with industry advancements. Our services guarantee that your OEMs are well-prepared for the future and can proactively evolve alongside evolving consumer expectations, rather than reacting to them.

Telecom ISVs

Rising consumer expectations from both Telecom operators and OEMs have created an ongoing demand for cutting-edge solutions from Independent Software Vendors.

Sustaining a competitive advantage hinges on comprehending the intricacies of the evolving Telecom landscape and recognizing how innovations in fields like AI, Big Data, and the Internet of Things can provide substantial value to both OEMs and Operators.

Backed by a profound understanding of technology trends and the ever-changing Telecom market, TechHansa stands as your development partner to uncover fresh avenues for business value.

Over-The-Top (OTT)

Over-the-top services present a dual perspective for the Telecom industry, as they can be perceived as both a threat and an opportunity. The widespread availability of the internet has enabled various entities to bypass sluggish operator networks, thereby encroaching upon Telecom profit margins.

Forward-thinking operators, OEMs, and ISVs must harness this innovation to unveil modernized business models and generate value-added services and solutions.

Armed with profound expertise in Product Engineering, particularly in areas such as IPTV and Digital Media, TechHansa stands as your ally to capitalize on these trends and maintain competitiveness.