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IT Service Management

Our ITSM Solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to the requirements of both Telecom operators and Enterprise customers. This comprehensive solution encompasses the entire spectrum of operations, from monitoring to problem resolution.

We have established a versatile framework that allows the seamless integration of various discrete tools within the organization. This integration facilitates robust root cause analysis and advanced analytics. The backbone of this framework relies on the IBM Netcool family, which underpins its robust functionality.

Asset Management

Utilizing the ITSM framework, we’ve developed a comprehensive Asset Management Solution that effectively manages the entire lifecycle of assets, spanning from the point of purchase to their current location and eventual retirement. This is facilitated through user-friendly and adaptable workflows.

Our Asset Management solution is built upon the robust foundations of IBM Big Fix, ServiceNow/IBM Maximo, and Control Desk, offering an array of valuable features, including:

This solution provides comprehensive support for the entire asset lifecycle, encompassing the following phases:

  1. Planning: The system assists in formulating hardware and software acquisition plans based on approved budgets.
  2. Acquisition: It facilitates the procurement of assets.
  3. Deployment: Assets are allocated to employees, projects, or business units as needed.
  4. Management: This phase involves the tracking of assets and their ongoing maintenance.
  5. Security & Compliance: Ensuring the deployment of approved patches and compliance with software licensing in alignment with the acquired inventory.

Enterprise IT Service Management – ServiceNow

ITSM software users now have heightened expectations for increased capabilities, user-friendliness, and adaptability to various processes. ServiceNow stands out as a product that is turning these expectations into reality for many organizations. By harnessing the ServiceNow platform, we’ve assisted organizations in automating a wide range of processes, including service desk operations, HR functions, and procurement processes.

We have built a practice around ServiceNow where we help customers with building systems for: