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Cloud Services

Over the past few years, Cloud computing has gained widespread adoption, prompting organizations to consider it as a primary strategic initiative. However, determining the right path to embark on this cloud journey has become a challenging task due to the multitude of options available in the market. Questions arise about whether to prioritize the migration of legacy applications alongside new ones. For mid-size companies, the complexity of managing hybrid environments can be overwhelming. This is where our expertise comes into play. We specialize in helping you identify which applications are suitable for migration to the cloud and the optimal sequence for their transition. With proficiency across the three major public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, we can offer guidance on selecting the most appropriate cloud service provider for your specific application needs.

Centralized and Proactive Virtual Infrastructure Management

The administration disciplines within operations are merging with cloud technologies. Performance and capability management have become intertwined because of the dynamic characteristics of converged infrastructure. Traditional tools and methods, originally created for static, siloed physical infrastructure, do not offer the automation and control required for effectively managing highly virtualized private cloud environments.

Cloud Services Solution

Tech Hansa service delivers intelligent operations management with complete visibility from application to storage, across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.


Most organizations initially test waters with some small new application on the cloud.Since the application itself is new, the pains of migrations, tuning etc...


Though organizations have a strategic plan in place to solve their critical business challenges by leveraging on cloud technology, their existing physical architecture...

Migrating and Deployment

To keep the cloud transition or migration risk free, it is required that enterprises get access to reliable cloud service partners who have the experience and expertise...

Managed Services

With our cloud managed services, you can be assured of quality support on your public, hybrid or private cloud architecture. Let us manage your cloud, so that your...

Monitoring & Help Desk

In today’s day and age your customers need to access services 24x7 through a device which is convenient to them. The IT systems therefore need to be robust enough...