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Enterprise App Store

We're well-acquainted with the concept of an "App Store" for smartphones, offering a range of applications for users to download according to their preferences. Given the trend toward IT commoditization, it's not uncommon for users to inquire, "Why can't we have a similar feature on our Enterprise workstations?"

The key advantages of an Enterprise App Store include:

To realize the objective of automating software deployment through the Enterprise App Store, we’ve achieved this by seamlessly integrating the following tools and constructing corresponding workflows:

  1. Utilized the Self Service Center from IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk.
  2. Crafted custom workflows for tasks such as approval processes.
  3. Developed scripts for efficient software deployment.
  4. Leveraged IBM BigFix for streamlined software deployment procedures.
  5. Employed the IBM Software Use Analysis tool to enhance our software management capabilities.


Our solution is a result of the harmonious integration of these tools, effectively automating the entire workflow.