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Implementation Services

Over the past decade, we have amassed over 160 man-years of experience in executing implementation projects across multiple countries. Our extensive portfolio includes projects in Cloud for Data Centers (DC) and Disaster Recovery (DR), IT Service Management (ITSM) for enterprise IT setups and Network Operation Centers (NOCs), Enterprise Service Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Application Performance Management, Enterprise Backup Solutions, Disaster Recovery solutions, IBM Security Products, Networking projects, Messaging projects, and projects encompassing Server & Storage consolidation and virtualization.

Technologies & Products

IT Service Management

We offer comprehensive implementation services for IBM ITSM products, such as IBM Netcool, IBM ICD, and IBM Application Performance Management.

OSS Services for Telecom Operators

Our OSS services encompass IP network and Wireless Networks, built around IBM Tivoli and Netcool products known for their effectiveness in Large Telecom Networks. Our expertise covers Fault Management using OMNIBUS, Network Discovery and Views using ITNM (IBM Tivoli Network Management), Configuration Management using TNCM (Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager), Performance Management using TNPM (Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager), and Service Desk and Asset Management using ICD and Maximo. We also provide Cognos Reporting services, leveraging our product specialists’ extensive experience in managing solutions on various large networks.

Enterprise Network Management

We leverage telecom-grade products in Enterprise Network Management, optimizing and customizing solutions to meet specific needs. Our services include environment assessment, product selection, and customized solutions with bespoke reports and dashboards. With our NOC tools expertise and services experience, we empower customers to proactively detect faults, thereby enhancing network uptime significantly.

Enterprise Service Management – Using ServiceNow

Our Enterprise Service Management (ESM) practice focuses on automating paper-based Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into fully automated workflows, streamlining service delivery processes. We cover all ServiceNow modules, including newer ones like Discovery. Our teams assist companies in establishing clean Configuration Management Database (CMDB), automating HR, ITSM, service desk, and procurement processes. We specialize in the Discovery module of ServiceNow, helping clients worldwide discover assets using ServiceNow. Our capabilities extend beyond ServiceNow, as we have developed integrations with third-party products from vendors like IBM and Microsoft, enhancing real-time information retrieval from field devices and enabling hybrid implementations for faster deployments and cost savings.

Security, Enterprise Mobility Management, and Endpoint Management – Using IBM QRADAR, IBM BigFix, and IBM MaaS360

Our services include:

  • Security & Compliance: Patch Management, Security Configuration Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Compliance Analytics, 3rd-party endpoint protection management.
  • Server Automation: Cross-Server Sequenced Task Automation (e.g., Patch OS on Server Cluster), Physical & Virtual Server Lifecycle Management, Middleware Management, Multi-Platform OS deployment.
  • Power Management: Windows & Macs, Carbon, Cost reduction reports, End-user Dashboard.
  • Core Protection: Anti Malware, Firewall, Data Protection.

TechHansa provides the following services on IBM QRADAR

  • Implementation Services: Our solution architects handle the end-to-end implementation of IBM QRADAR and its modules, configuring components like Log Manager, Risk Manager, and Vulnerability Assessment.

  • Security Alert Analysis and Notification: Our 24×7 support team monitors the QRADAR console, qualifying alerts/events into potential security incidents, and eliminates false positives. We also conduct vulnerability assessments to proactively identify potential threats.

  • Operational Reporting: We offer enhanced visibility to clients through reports covering IDS Alert/SIEM Alert trend reporting, incident statistics and status reporting, and service availability reporting. These reports empower our clients to take proactive measures to safeguard their networks against potential threats.