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Database Management

As an increasing number of organizations embrace hybrid cloud solutions, databases are distributed across various environments, demanding meticulous tuning and management in both private and public cloud settings. 

Our expertise encompasses

Database Monitoring

Covering aspects such as Availability, Performance, Backup, and Health Checks.

Effective database monitoring and management can yield substantial performance enhancements. Our approach to database server monitoring goes beyond ensuring high uptime; we focus on optimizing the database for peak performance.

Database Implementation

Our team of experts excels in meticulously planning and installing database systems to ensure optimal performance. Allow our specialists to assist you with:

  • Capacity Planning and Sizing: Tailoring the database capacity to your specific needs.
  • Installation Configuration: On-site or remote installation, configuration, and customization of database products, tailored to your business requirements.

Database Migration

TechHansa offers comprehensive Migration Services for organizations looking to upgrade their database environment to the latest versions of Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, or DB2. Leverage our proven global capabilities and 24×7 optimized services to perform these upgrades during off-peak hours in a cost-effective manner.

Database Performance Optimization

We conduct a thorough analysis of your pain points and provide recommendations regarding database configuration, memory settings, storage architecture improvements, and network enhancements, particularly in public cloud infrastructure.

Database Security Hardening

TechHansa can help you reduce data protection costs by creating, preparing, implementing, and monitoring a security plan that ensures data integrity.

Database High Availability/DR (Disaster Recovery)

Our extensive experience includes managing database replication using technologies such as Streams, Advanced Replication, Data Guard, and Real Application Clusters. We utilize Oracle Data Guard to replicate and maintain production databases on a DR (Disaster Recovery) Site. Additionally, we collaborate with you to design, plan, implement, and test comprehensive backup and recovery strategies tailored to your needs. Leveraging public cloud availability can provide a cost-effective DR solution.

Database Automation

Our database automation services deploy a sophisticated set of proprietary scripts that fully automate database reporting, capacity planning, and pre-outage alerts. By addressing the conditions that may lead to an outage before your database crashes, the probability of a database outage is dramatically reduced.

Database Virtualization

Virtualization streamlines the provisioning of database instances through templates, allowing for rapid deployment. Creating a new DB instance from a virtual machine template takes minutes instead of the days or weeks typically required with traditional hardware and software delivery and setup. DCM can help you realize your goal of database virtualization.