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Monitoring and help desk

In the modern era, customers expect seamless access to services around the clock, using devices that suit their convenience. Consequently, IT systems must exhibit robustness to accommodate this constant demand. However, stress-testing applications for all potential scenarios is challenging, especially within the agile development methodology commonly employed today. When multiple applications interact, the complexity grows, making the identification of failures a daunting task.

TechHansa Monitoring services

TechHansa Monitoring services encompass the utilization of various tools for tracking and evaluating the performance and health of an array of IT components. This includes Systems, Network, Storage devices, Operating Systems, Applications, Databases, and Backups. This holistic approach provides management with a comprehensive overview of the data center's IT landscape. It aids in proactively identifying and resolving issues before they manifest, mitigating potential disruptions to the business.


Network Operations Centre

Through our Network Operations Centre, we can assist you with:
  1. Cost management and optimization
  2. Resource provisioning automation
  3. Infrastructure/OS monitoring
  4. Network Monitoring
  5. Application  monitoring
  6. Security monitoring
  7. SLA-driven managed service
  8. 24×7 Monitoring/helpdesk/Support


Onsite / Offshore Support on :

  1. Server & Operating Systems
  2. Storage management
  3. Database management
  4. Application management
  5. Network management
  6. Backup & DR management
  7. Security management